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Amazon developing AI chatbot that would compete with ChatGPT and others

The Chatbot Service, Code-Named “Metis,” Would be Accessed via Web Browser and Powered by a New Foundational Model

The move would add Amazon to a growing list of tech giants and startups offering new AI assistants, including Microsoft, Google, and Amazon-backed Anthropic, among several others. Amazon declined to comment in response to an inquiry from GeekWire.

Reuters and CNBC both reported recently about Amazon’s plans to roll out a new version of its Alexa voice assistant, called “Remarkable Alexa,” including a paid tier. Business Insider reported that Metis and Remarkable Alexa use some of the same infrastructure. Analysts with Bank of America said Monday that the paid tier could generate $600 million in additional sales for Amazon, based on a 10% adoption rate of exiting Alexa active users.