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Apple Beefs up AI Talent Pool by Recruiting From Google

The Company Remains Relatively Mum About Its AI Plans While Other Big Tech Firms Roll Out New Products

That’s according to a Tuesday (April 30) report by the Financial Times (FT), which analyzed hundreds of LinkedIn profiles, along with job postings and research papers. The analysis showed a hiring spree by the tech giant to expand its AI and machine learning operations, with Apple recruiting at least three dozen specialists from Google.

Most of the company’s AI team operates from California and Seattle, per the report, although Apple has also expanded a major base in Zurich, Switzerland.

Professor Luc Van Gool from Swiss university ETH Zurich told FT Apple’s purchase of two local AI startups — virtual reality group FaceShift and image recognition company Fashwell — drove the company to open a research laboratory, dubbed its “Vision Lab,” in the city.