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Apple Introduces ‘Apple Intelligence,’ New OpenAI Partnership as AI Takes Center Stage

Under Pressure to Deliver New Features, Apple Showed Off an AI System That Can Assist Users in Myriad Ways, Emphasizing Privacy at WWDC Event

Apple AAPL -0.16%decrease; red down pointing triangle joined the AI arms race, saying Monday it plans to bring a more personalized version of artificial intelligence to its 2.2 billion device users—including striking a deal with ChatGPT-maker OpenAI.

The new AI system, which it called “Apple Intelligence,” offered a preview to what many consider to be the holy grail of AI, a voice assistant empowered with enough personal user information to meaningfully help complete an array of tasks. Apple has partnered with OpenAI, and its ChatGPT, for some new AI functions, such as answering more complex queries or composing messages, capabilities that Apple’s AI can’t handle.

The announcement comes after the iPhone maker saw its market value stagnate compared with rivals that were quicker to incorporate generative artificial intelligence into their core products.