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Apple to spend $1 billion per year on AI

Apple is Looking to Use AI to Improve Siri, Messages, and Apple Music

Apple uses AI in its products but hasn’t launched a generative AI product along the lines of OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google Bard.
Instead, Apple’s AI is used for things like improving photos and autocorrecting text.

So far, Apple has built its own large language model, or LLM, framework, known as Ajax, as well as a rumored chatbot, known internally as Apple GPT, Bloomberg said.
Neither has been incorporated into its products yet.

The company is reportedly looking to integrate AI into Siri, Messages and Apple Music.
For the latter, Apple would use AI to create auto-generated playlists like Spotify does via its partnership with OpenAI.
The company is also exploring using AI in Xcode to assist app developers, according to the report.