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OpenAI Launches ChatGPT for Universities

OpenAI Has a Version of its Popular Artificial Intelligence-Powered Chatbot Specifically for Universities

ChatGPT Edu will be powered by GPT-4o, the company’s latest AI model, and will be able to understand and answer questions about both text and images. It will also be able to conduct data analysis and respond to queries across more than 50 languages. OpenAI didn’t disclose pricing for the new chatbot, but said that it will be “affordable for educational institutions.”

Schools and universities have expressed mixed feelings about AI chatbots. While some, like an assistant professor at Arizona State University highlighted in OpenAI’s blog post, are using the technology to provide students with tailored tutoring, other educators worry that students may use it to cheat or find shortcuts to learning. The launch of ChatGPT Edu, then, could work to get the AI chatbot in the hands of young people faster, ensuring loyalty early on.