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Volkswagen is bringing ChatGPT into its cars and SUVs

The German Automaker Announced at CES Plans to Add AI-Powered Chatbots into Models With its IDA Voice Assistant

Volkswagen is getting into the ChatGPT game. The German automaker announced Monday at CES 2024 in Las Vegas plans to add an AI-powered chatbot into all Volkswagen models equipped with its IDA voice assistant.

Why? For drivers who want an AI-based chatbot to read researched content out loud to them, of course. TechCrunch was on hand at CES 2024 to try out the ChatGPT feature and found that it could still be tricked in some cases.

The AI-based chatbot, which is based on software company Cerence’s Chat Pro product and a large language model from OpenAI, will roll out in the second quarter, starting with Europe. Models getting the AI chatbot include Volkswagen’s line of EVs such as the ID.7, ID.4, ID.5 and ID.3, as well as its new Tiguan, Passat and Golf vehicles.