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Expedia starts testing AI-powered features for search and travel planning

The AI Assistant Will Bolster Features Like Search, Itinerary Building, Trip Planning and Real-Time Updates Like Flight Delays

In an effort to get ahead of its competitors in the travel ecosystem, online travel agency Expedia said it will soon launch an AI assistant to bolster features like search, itinerary building, trip planning and real-time updates like flight delays. The company, which runs a variety of online travel aggregators and metasearch engines, is debuting a bot named Romie that’s been trained on a mix of in-house and OpenAI models. The bot can help users search for hotels, build itineraries for their trips and make small changes. The bot can be included in iMessage chat groups, or you can talk to it one-on-one on WhatsApp. For these apps, the bot sits behind a phone number and leverages ChatGPT