• Tuesday • February 13, 2024

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    Wall Street Journal

    China’s Temu Steps Up Challenge to Amazon With Billions in Marketing Dollars

    Temu Has Blanketed the Market with Ads as it Attempts to Take on Amazon in the Fight for U.S. Consumer Dollars

    The e-commerce giant owned by Chinese agricultural conglomerate PDD Holdings made its Super Bowl debut last year with “Shop Like a Billionaire.” Temu is back this year, and will again air a 30-second ad multiple times during the game, according to a spokeswoman.

    This game’s ad, also titled “Shop Like a Billionaire,” stars an animated protagonist who shares her love of online shopping with everyone around her.

  • Thursday • February 1, 2024

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    Amazon Announces AI Shopping Assistant Called Rufus

    CEO Andy Jassy Has Said the Company Plans to Incorporate Generative AI Across All of Its Businesses

    Amazon on Thursday announced a new artificial intelligence assistant for shopping called Rufus.

    The tool is designed to help users search and shop for products. Shoppers type or speak a question into the search bar in Amazon’s mobile app and a chat window will appear at the bottom of their screen. Users can ask conversational questions such as, “What are the differences between trail and road running shoes?” or “Compare drip and pour-over coffee makers.”

    “Rufus meaningfully improves how easy it is for customers to find and discover the best products to meet their needs,” Amazon said in a blog post. Rufus uses Amazon’s product catalog, customer reviews and Q&As, as well as information from across the web to answer questions, the company said.

  • Wednesday • January 17, 2024

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    The Information

    Why Shopify Has Payments Power Over Amazon

    Amazon is Relying on its Rival to Expand Payments Offsite

    For Amazon, providing customer checkout and delivery services to merchants that don’t sell on its site offers a tantalizing growth opportunity. But to take full advantage of it, Amazon has to figure out how to work with archrival Shopify, which is a key gatekeeper because it sells e-commerce software to millions of mostly small online merchants. Now Amazon has agreed to let Shopify handle payments Amazon has traditionally arranged itself.

    Shopify has immense leverage because of its relationships with online merchants that Amazon wants to work with. That includes many of the merchants that already offer Amazon Pay, which lets shoppers check out on external websites using their Amazon logins, according to two people with knowledge of Amazon Pay’s operations. In recent months, Shopify has begun moving toward handling payments for all Amazon Pay transactions made on its U.S. merchants’ sites and has started phasing out an integration that let Amazon handle payments itself.

  • Tuesday • January 16, 2024

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    Amazon launches generative AI tool to answer shoppers’ questions

    The Feature Could Keep Shoppers From Scrolling Through Pages of Reviews or Reading Through a Listing to Find Information About an Item.

    Amazon is rolling out an artificial intelligence tool that can answer shoppers’ questions about a product, a spokesperson confirmed, as the company continues to experiment with generative AI.

    The new feature in Amazon’s mobile app prompts users to ask questions about a specific item. It then returns an answer within a few seconds, primarily by summarizing information collected from product reviews and the listing itself.

    “We’re constantly inventing to help make customers’ lives better and easier, and are currently testing a new feature powered by generative AI to improve shopping on Amazon by helping customers get answers to commonly asked product questions,” Maria Boschetti, an Amazon spokesperson, said in an email.

  • Tuesday • January 9, 2024

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    Walmart unveils new GenAI search tech for shoppers at CES

    Walmart Unveiled New Tools to Help Shoppers Quickly Search Products and Automate Re-Ordering

    The world’s largest retailer launched a new GenAI search tool developed by combining Microsoft’s AI models with Walmart’s shopper data to enable shoppers to search for products using specific use cases instead of by brand names or items.

    Shoppers will be able to search using terms such as “a football watch party” or “help me plan a unicorn-themed party for my daughter,” and receive a curated list of products, instead of individually searching for chips, wings and balloons, it said. The feature, currently available to iOS users, will be rolled out to its website and Android app users later this year, it said.

  • Monday • December 4, 2023

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    Mastercard launches Shopping Muse, an AI-powered shopping assistant

    The Tool is Designed to Help Users Get Personalized Product Recommendations

    Mastercard is launching a new generative AI shopping tool called “Shopping Muse” that is designed to help users get personalized product recommendations. The tool is powered by Dynamic Yield, a personalization company that was acquired by Mastercard in April 2022. Mastercard says the idea behind Shopping Muse is to “revolutionize how customers search for and discover products in a retailer’s digital catalogue.”