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Google who? Gen Z is searching on TikTok, YouTube instead

Gen Z is Turning Toward Social Media as a Search Engine, Seeking Quick, Relatable Answers Amid Dissatisfaction with Google’s Results

Why it matters: Young internet users’ behavior marks a clear departure from that of millennials, who came of age in a golden era of online search and take pride in their “Google-fu,” the art of searching like a pro. It’s also a headache for Google, a nearly $2 trillion company that’s still heavily reliant on ad revenue tied to search results.

Driving the news: 46% of those ages 18-24 start their information quests by searching on Google, per data shared exclusively with Axios from YPulse, a youth research firm.That’s compared with 58% of those ages 25-39. 21% of 18- to 24-year-olds start with TikTok, while 5% start on YouTube