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Microsoft Edge Achieves Record 13.14% In May 2024

Microsoft Says That After a Period of Steady Decline, the Rapid Rise in Users of its Desktop Browser Showed All-Time High Figures

When you think of leaders in today’s desktop browser market, Microsoft Edge rarely comes to mind. The competition to reach the top spot is tough when you’ve got Google Chrome involved. But the month of May 2024 proved otherwise for the software giant which managed to report record-high figures for its Edge browser users. The news comes to us thanks to intelligence from Statcounter where the latest findings put a lot of things in the spotlight.

As per the figures from last month, it’s the Edge browser who hit the all-time high mark of 13.14%, beating out stats from the previous month by nearly 0.32 points. But, indeed, we won’t have a new leader in the browser market that overtakes Google Chrome’s massive share that it benefits from today. But one thing we can confirm is that the Android maker did lose a huge chunk of its user base last month.