• Friday • October 27, 2023

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    The Verge

    Every trick Microsoft pulled to make you browse Edge instead of Chrome

    A List of Tricks Microsoft has Played and the Times it’s Given Up After Pushback

    It’s the default browser in Windows these days, so it’s the primary way you’d download a different browser onto a new PC. You’d open Microsoft Edge, type the name of your new browser into Microsoft Bing search, and nab Chrome or Firefox or Opera (etc.) that way.

    But Microsoft has repeatedly taken advantage of that to redirect you to Edge instead — and some of its Windows Updates have even launched the browser and pinned it to the desktop and taskbar without permission. Windows still doesn’t wholly respect your default browser choices, either.

  • Tuesday • October 10, 2023

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    High Privacy Cloud OS On the Horizon

    Deta Wants To Reinvent Personal Computers With a New Cloud OS

    “Traditionally, cloud-based workstations have aimed to provide virtual machines that users can access from anywhere and also run apps around the clock.
    Berlin-based company Deta is trying to flip the script by developing a whole new infinite canvas-like operating system and a personal cloud space.

    The Berlin and New York-based company was founded by Mustafa Abdelhai and Max Eusterbrock in 2019. The company started building a new operating system and a space on the ethos of letting people “own” their data in apps.

    Deta is launching its Space today for everyone to try. But it might not be primed for a regular user yet, given the interface and app ecosystem could benefit from some iterations. Deta Space has a “Horizon” interface, which resembles an infinite whiteboard. You can swipe through the board in “stretches,” which are home page versions of the SpaceOS.”

  • Monday • October 9, 2023

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    Safari Introduces Custom Private Search Engine

    Safari Allows Users to Set a Separate Search Engine Exclusively for Private Browsing

    “By allowing users to select a different search engine for private browsing, Safari emphasizes the importance of preserving user anonymity and preventing search queries from being tied to individual identities. Private browsing mode already disables website trackers and prevents the storage of browsing history, but now users have even more control over their online privacy.

    This new feature is just one of many privacy enhancements that Apple has introduced in recent years. Apple has consistently emphasized the protection of user data and privacy as a core principle, implementing measures to encrypt customer communications and safeguard personal information.”

  • Monday • September 25, 2023

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    Norton launches super-secure browser for Windows and Mac users alike

    Another Privacy Focused Browser Enters The Fray

    “Popular antivirus vendor Norton has launched a new browser that it claims will enhance your privacy and security online. Available for both Windows and Mac, Norton Secure Browser hopes to tackle the dual threats of overly-persistent advertisers and the increasingly advanced attacks launched by cybercriminals.

    Ben Wadors, Director of Browser and Search at Gen – the owners of Norton – said that, “we’ve built in some of our best technology and innovation to help protect people from new and persistent web-based threats and made it easy for them to choose what they share with advertisers.”

  • Tuesday • August 8, 2023

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    Microsoft Edge for Business Will Launch Next Week

    Edge for Business Lets You Separate Personal and Professional Browsing

    Microsoft Edge for Business will ship to broad availability next week. The experience is designed to help users keep their personal and professional browsing separate. It will be released with Microsoft Edge stable version 116. Signing into Edge using Microsoft Entra ID will automatically transition you to Microsoft Edge for Business.

    The service shows Microsoft is angling to compete with other browser providers like Apple and Google.

  • Monday • August 7, 2023

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    Microsoft Brings Bing AI to More Browsers

    Soon You Won’t Have to Switch to Edge to Use Bing AI.

    Microsoft launched it’s artificial intelligence-powered search on Bing six months ago. In that time, there have been more than 1 billion chats and 750 million AI-generated images produced, Microsoft said Monday.

    To celebrate half a year of the AI chatbot and tools, the company is expanding the availability of AI-powered Bing from its own Edge browser to third-party browsers like Apple’s Safari and Google Chrome.