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High Privacy Cloud OS On the Horizon

Deta Wants To Reinvent Personal Computers With a New Cloud OS

“Traditionally, cloud-based workstations have aimed to provide virtual machines that users can access from anywhere and also run apps around the clock.
Berlin-based company Deta is trying to flip the script by developing a whole new infinite canvas-like operating system and a personal cloud space.

The Berlin and New York-based company was founded by Mustafa Abdelhai and Max Eusterbrock in 2019. The company started building a new operating system and a space on the ethos of letting people “own” their data in apps.

Deta is launching its Space today for everyone to try. But it might not be primed for a regular user yet, given the interface and app ecosystem could benefit from some iterations. Deta Space has a “Horizon” interface, which resembles an infinite whiteboard. You can swipe through the board in “stretches,” which are home page versions of the SpaceOS.”