• Friday • May 17, 2024

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    Microsoft offers cloud customers AMD alternative to Nvidia AI processors

    It Will Also Launch a Preview of New Cobalt 100 Custom Processors at the Conference

    Microsoft’s clusters of Advanced Micro Devices’ flagship MI300X AI chips will be sold through its Azure cloud computing service. They will give its customers an alternative to Nvidia’s (NVDA.O), opens new tab H100 family of powerful graphics processing units (GPUs) which dominate the data center chip market for AI but can be hard to obtain due to high demand.

    To build AI models or run applications, companies typically must string together – or cluster – multiple GPUs because the data and computation will not fit on a single processor. AMD, which expects $4 billion in AI chip revenue this year, has said the chips are powerful enough to train and run large AI models. As well as Nvidia’s top-shelf AI chips, Microsoft’s cloud computing unit sells access to its own in-house AI chips called Maia.

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  • Wednesday • May 15, 2024

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    Netflix to take on Google and Amazon by building its own ad server

    The Announcement Signifies a Significant Shake-Up in the Streaming Giant’s Advertising Approach

    Netflix announced during its Upfronts presentation on Wednesday that it’s launching its own advertising technology platform only a year and a half after entering the ads business. This move pits it against other industry heavyweights with ad servers, like Google, Amazon and Comcast.

    The company originally partnered with Microsoft to develop its ad tech, letting Netflix enter the ad space quickly and catch up with rivals like Hulu, which has had its own ad server for over a decade. With the launch of its in-house ad tech, Netflix is poised to take full control of its advertising future. This strategic move will empower the company to create targeted and personalized ad experiences that resonate with its massive user base of 270 million subscribers.

  • Monday • May 6, 2024

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    Wall Street Journal

    Apple Is Developing AI Chips for Data Centers, Seeking Edge in Arms Race

    The Company is Leaning On Its Long History of Chip Development in the Effort, Code-Named Project ACDC

    Apple AAPL 1.99%increase; green up pointing triangle has been working on its own chip designed to run artificial-intelligence software in data-center servers, a move that has the potential to give the company an advantage in the AI arms race.

    Over the past decade, Apple has emerged as a leading player designing chips for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and Mac computers. The server project, which is internally code-named Project ACDC—for Apple Chips in Data Center—will bring this talent to bear for the company’s servers, according to people familiar with the matter.

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  • Thursday • May 2, 2024

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    Wall Street Journal

    Oracle Looks to AI and Microsoft Partnership to Lift Cloud Business

    The Tech Company Hopes an AI Update to its Flagship Database Software and the Recent Expansion of its Microsoft Collaboration Will Boost Cloud Sales

    Oracle said it is adding artificial-intelligence features to its flagship database software, a move aimed at boosting its sales pitch for its cloud-computing platform.

    Using Oracle’s Database 23ai service, businesses can search their private data by asking questions in plain English rather than writing specialized code. Developers also can use the generative AI search-and-answer capability with other applications that are stored in Oracle’s database in the cloud, the company said Thursday.

    For Oracle, whose cloud platform remains a nascent offering compared with Amazon’s and Microsoft’s, more usage of its database software with the new AI services can turn into increased usage of its cloud.

  • Wednesday • May 1, 2024

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    Wall Street Journal

    AI Startup CoreWeave Nearly Triples Valuation to $19 Billion in Five Months

    Nvidia-backed company raises $1.1 billion from investors including Fidelity, Magnetar Capital

    CoreWeave, a cloud-computing startup backed by Nvidia NVDA 0.74%increase; green up pointing triangle, nearly tripled its valuation to $19 billion in a new funding round that highlights booming demand for the cutting-edge systems that power artificial intelligence. The $1.1 billion funding round was led by Coatue, and follows a round about five months ago that valued seven-year-old CoreWeave at $7 billion.

    The New Jersey-based company rents out chips housed in data centers across the U.S. that customers use to create and deploy AI systems. It is part of a new crop of companies offering cloud-computing tailored for AI, setting it apart from big tech companies such as Microsoft and Amazon, which offer a wider range of cloud services.

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  • Wednesday • April 24, 2024

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    Amazon is opening cloud regions in Southeast Asia to meet customer demand, CTO says

    Amazon Web Services Was The World’s Largest Cloud Service Provider in the Fourth Quarter, Accounting For 31% of Total Cloud Spending

    Amazon is opening cloud regions in Southeast Asia because customers want their data stored securely in their own countries, Amazon Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels said in an exclusive interview.

    “The reason for this is that many of our customers have been asking for that. They really wanted something local such that they can meet, for example, local data storage requirements, or protection of personal identifiable information,” Vogels told CNBC’s JP Ong.

    Amazon’s cloud computing division, Amazon Web Services, was the world’s largest cloud service provider in the fourth quarter, accounting for 31% of total cloud spending, according to a Feb. 26 report from Canalys.