• Tuesday • January 23, 2024

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    AWS rival Wasabi acquires Curio AI

    The Acquisition Will Add Intelligence to Its Unlimited Cloud Storage Offering

    Boston-based Wasabi Technologies, a data storage startup taking on the likes of AWS, GCP and other cloud vendors, today announced it has acquired machine learning platform Curio AI from GrayMeta, the known provider of metadata solutions based in California.

    While the companies did not disclose the exact financial terms of the deal, Wasabi did note in a press release that the deal will help enable it to build Curio’s technology into a new class of AI-powered intelligent storage for the media and entertainment industry.

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  • Friday • October 20, 2023

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    Nvidia launches AI services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    Joint Capabilities Will Give Oracle a Foothold in the Growing AI market

    Oracle VP Leo Leung told SDxCentral he expects these joint offerings will both draw in new customers and be popular with existing OCI enterprise users, who can integrate their current OCI workloads with Nvidia’s technology. “The market for AI is booming, and Nvidia and Oracle are partnering to provide unique capabilities together to attract new customers,” Leung said.

  • Wednesday • October 18, 2023

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    Amazon to Spend Over $1 Billion on Microsoft 365 Licenses

    Amazon Employees Are Going to be Working in Microsoft’s Cloud

    “As Business Insider reports, Amazon’s employees currently use on an on-premise version of Microsoft Office, but a transition to Microsoft’s cloud-based 365 suite is planned.
    The scale of the transition is huge, with Amazon requiring over a million seat licenses.

    The internal document, combined with comments from a person familiar with the situation who asked not to be identified, reveal the move from on-premise to cloud-based 365 apps will begin in November with an initial setup phase. Amazon employees will then transition over in early 2024.”

  • Tuesday • October 10, 2023

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    High Privacy Cloud OS On the Horizon

    Deta Wants To Reinvent Personal Computers With a New Cloud OS

    “Traditionally, cloud-based workstations have aimed to provide virtual machines that users can access from anywhere and also run apps around the clock.
    Berlin-based company Deta is trying to flip the script by developing a whole new infinite canvas-like operating system and a personal cloud space.

    The Berlin and New York-based company was founded by Mustafa Abdelhai and Max Eusterbrock in 2019. The company started building a new operating system and a space on the ethos of letting people “own” their data in apps.

    Deta is launching its Space today for everyone to try. But it might not be primed for a regular user yet, given the interface and app ecosystem could benefit from some iterations. Deta Space has a “Horizon” interface, which resembles an infinite whiteboard. You can swipe through the board in “stretches,” which are home page versions of the SpaceOS.”

  • Tuesday • October 3, 2023

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    The Verge

    Zoom Docs launches in 2024 with built-in AI collaboration features

    Zoom’s AI package is Cheaper than Microsoft and Google’s Offerings

    “At Zoomtopia 2023 today, Zoom announced Zoom Docs, a collaboration-focused “modular workspace” that integrates the company’s Zoom AI Companion for generating new content or populating a doc from other sources — you know the drill by now.

    Along with the Mail and Calendar offerings launched during last year’s event, Zoom Docs is another step toward a full office suite alternative to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, which both have started to integrate AI-powered tools of their own, dubbed Duet AI and Copilot, respectively.
    The company says it will be widely available in 2024.

    Like other AI helper software, users can ask Zoom AI Companion to do things like summarize meetings, chats, and information from inside Zoom Docs or generate in-document tables.
    Zoom Docs support interdocument linking and embedding, hierarchical organization with folders, and docs can be managed from meetings, Zoom’s Team Chat, or directly through a browser or Zoom’s desktop and mobile applications.”