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Microsoft offers cloud customers AMD alternative to Nvidia AI processors

It Will Also Launch a Preview of New Cobalt 100 Custom Processors at the Conference

Microsoft’s clusters of Advanced Micro Devices’ flagship MI300X AI chips will be sold through its Azure cloud computing service. They will give its customers an alternative to Nvidia’s (NVDA.O), opens new tab H100 family of powerful graphics processing units (GPUs) which dominate the data center chip market for AI but can be hard to obtain due to high demand.

To build AI models or run applications, companies typically must string together – or cluster – multiple GPUs because the data and computation will not fit on a single processor. AMD, which expects $4 billion in AI chip revenue this year, has said the chips are powerful enough to train and run large AI models. As well as Nvidia’s top-shelf AI chips, Microsoft’s cloud computing unit sells access to its own in-house AI chips called Maia.

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