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New AI search engine Upend emerges from stealth, powered by 100 LLMs

As Google and Microsoft Revamp Their Search Engines Smaller Players Are Going in All to Challenge Them With Their AI-First Offerings

Upend, a Canadian startup that has just emerged from stealth to empower students and professionals with gen AI search driven by some of the best large language models (LLMs) out there.

Upend started out as a summer project by Jeevan Arora from the University of Toronto School. After a positive initial response, he evolved it into a full-fledged platform that enterprise teams can sign up for. It works very much like Perplexity, which many believe currently leads the space when it comes to AI search (with 169 million monthly queries).

“My goal is to make advanced gen AI models more affordable, thereby democratizing access and ensuring everyone can harness the tools of tomorrow,” the CEO noted in a statement.

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