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Third-Party Sellers Use AI to Make Posts

On Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, AI is the New Third-Party Seller

“Amazon said Prime members bought more than 150 million items from third-party sellers.It didn’t release much more data on the big retail event, and among the things we can’t know for sure is how much generative AI programs may have helped sellers do an even better job of pitching their products than in previous years.

We do know for sure that getting a leg up on the competition is getting easier for e-commerce platform sellers through the latest AI.

Generative AI tools — offered by e-commerce platforms, marketplaces and private companies — can help with some of the more labor-intensive, time-consuming and mundane tasks that sellers tend to hate.The goal of using these tools is to drive more sales with less effort — and angst — on the part of sellers.”