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Gen-AI Search Engine Perplexity Has a Plan to Sell Ads

The AI Search Engine Must Prove Ad Scalability and Address Brand Safety Concerns

Generative AI search engine Perplexity, which claims to be a Google competitor and recently snagged a $73.6 million Series B funding from investors like Jeff Bezos, is going to start selling ads, the company told ADWEEK.

Perplexity uses AI to answer users’ questions, based on web sources. It incorporates videos and images in the response and even data from partners like Yelp. Perplexity also links sources in the response while suggesting related questions users might want to ask.

These related questions, which account for 40% of Perplexity’s queries, are where the company will start introducing native ads, by letting brands influence these questions, said company chief business officer Dmitry Shevelenko.

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