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Walmart Advertisers Will ‘Plug’ In To Self-Serve Machine-Learning Tool For Creative

Creative Builder Will Integrate with a Performance Reports System for Creative and Provide Data to Support Campaigns

Walmart later this year will offer partners the ability to “plug” into the company’s self-serve tool powered by machine learning (ML) used to build and optimize ad creative through an API. The move is part of the company’s roadmap to widen its retail media business to include small marketers and international suppliers, as well as Marketplace sellers such as non-endemic retailers that have traditionally not sold products in Walmart’s physical stores.

New media in-store experiences are also being added. Walmart calls these “customer-centric connection points that give marketers more options to achieve their goals.” These include expanding expanding demo stations and sampling, and testing more areas to reach customers, boost awareness and drive consideration. They also support self-service capabilities such as in-store campaign management to the Walmart Ad Center, starting with TV Wall ads.

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