• Thursday • May 9, 2024

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    Microsoft Plans Mobile-Game Store, Vying With Apple, Google

    The Store Will Debut With Microsoft’s Own Games, Offering Discounts On In-Game Items

    Microsoft Corp. will launch its own online store for mobile-game consumables in July, creating an alternative to Apple Inc. and Google’s app stores and their fees. The browser-based store will debut with Microsoft’s own games, offering discounts on in-game items associated with titles like Candy Crush Saga. Xbox President Sarah Bond announced the move Thursday at the Bloomberg Technology Summit. Later, Microsoft will open the store to other publishers.

    Bond says the store is launching on the web, versus an app, so it’s “accessible across all devices, all countries, no matter what, independent of the policies of closed ecosystem stores.”

  • Wednesday • January 10, 2024

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    New York Times

    OpenAI Unveils App Store for Custom Chatbots

    Subscribers to ChatGPT Plus Will Be Able to Browse Tailored Chatbots That Perform Different Tasks

    OpenAI said on Wednesday that it was opening an app store for people to share customized versions of its popular chatbot, ChatGPT, as the artificial intelligence company works to expand the reach of its flagship technology and turn it into a moneymaker.

    The new store is called the GPT Store. People who spend $20 a month for a subscription to OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus service can browse the store for custom chatbots that provide a wide array of services, including those that recommend books, teach mathematics and search through scientific papers.

  • Tuesday • January 9, 2024

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    Amazon’s Alexa gets new generative AI-powered experiences

    At CES Amazon Revealed Three Developers delivering New Generative AI-Powered Alexa Experiences

    Among the slew of CES announcements this week, it should be no surprise to anyone that generative AI is a major theme from tech companies this year, including Volkswagen, Nvidia and — of course — Amazon.

    In September 2023, Amazon announced to developers that it would be launching new tools to build LLM-powered experiences. Today, the company revealed three developers delivering new generative AI-powered Alexa experiences, including AI chatbot platform Character.AI, AI music company Splash and Voice AI game developer Volley. All three experiences are available in the Amazon Alexa Skill Store.

    Character.AI’s new experience enables Alexa users to have real-time conversations with different personas, such as a fictional character called Librarian Linda, a personal trainer or even pretend-versions of historical figures like Socrates.

  • Friday • October 6, 2023

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    The Verge

    Microsoft launches new web app store for Windows

    Microsof Rebuilt the Web Microsoft Store With a New AI

    “Microsoft has launched a new web version of its app store for Windows.
    It’s designed as a replacement for the existing way to find Windows apps on the web, with links from the site opening in the Microsoft Store client on Windows 10 or Windows 11.

    The software giant has ditched its old React codebase from its previous web version of the Microsoft Store and replaced it with a modern web version that uses Shoelace, Lit, Vite, and a C# ASPNET backend.

    “The old site was a React codebase built on an obsoleted UI framework,” explains Microsoft engineer Judah Gabriel in a post on X. “We created a fresh user experience with a thoughtfully designed interface, easier ways to discover new apps, modern web tech stack. I hope folks will find it useful.””

  • Tuesday • October 3, 2023

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    Industry News Source

    Samsung is adding cloud gaming to your Galaxy phone, and it could arrive this week

    Samsung Has Somewhat Quietly Been Working on its Own Cloud Gaming Service For a While Now

    “Apparently, the goal is to eliminate download times for games. Users would be able to stream mobile games immediately without downloading the title from the Play Store or Galaxy Store, which Samsung hopes will make ads for games more effective. The company is apparently also planning to cut service fees for this cloud gaming option to be below the 30% seen through the Play Store and Apple App Store in order to attract developers.”

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  • Saturday • September 23, 2023

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    India’s PhonePe launches app store with zero fee in challenge to Google

    The Walmart-Backed Fintech Races to Win Android Developers in Google’s Largest Market

    “The Bengaluru-headquartered startup, which has amassed more than 450 million registered users on its eponymous payments app, said developers can start registering and uploading their apps on the “made-in-India” app store starting today. The app store, for which PhonePe has also partnered with phonemakers for distribution, has scores of locally relevant features, including support for third-party payment providers, 12 Indian languages and a login system that revolves around phone numbers.”